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About me.

My mission is to contribute to a more mentally resilient & emotionally healthy society: one parent, one school, and one child at a time.


With an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, I combine psychological science with coaching strategies to equip children and their caregivers (schools, teachers, parents) with evidence-based tools that support them in nurturing their well-being, develop and maintain a healthy sense of identity and develop the mental resilience to be able to withstand difficulties and thrive in their lives.

Growing up, I spent years in my adolescence and young adulthood having trouble dealing with my emotions, feeling confused about what my values were in relation to what others around me valued, sometimes feeling the need to adapt my way of being to better integrate and not feeling confident that I could deal with challenging situations – In other words, I was exploring myself and the world without a resilient enough internal foundation - Until I made the decision to work on developing the mental resources I needed to create that solid anchor within me – the solid anchor I hadn’t developed during my formative years – and the process was life-changing.


With it came a realization that my passion lied in helping children develop a resilient and authentic sense of self early on – So that they can be confident in their ability to achieve whatever they put their minds to, learn and grow from the inevitable challenges they will be faced with, are able to form and maintain healthy relationships and so that they feel okay expressing themselves and making choices based on what they uniquely value. Because this is the foundation of their long-term well-being.

By leveraging science-backed knowledge and practices including cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology coaching, self-determination theory, emotion regulation, mindfulness, stress management, my work helps parents and other significant stakeholders better understand what children need to develop mental resilience and a healthy sense of identity & how they can nurture that.


I also help parents better understand their own behavioral and emotional patterns that they’ve developed early on that are interfering with their parenting and their well-being. I support them through a process of breaking these patterns and developing more empowering ones.


Determined to contribute to tackling the complex societal challenges surrounding us today – one parent, one school and one child at a time.


  • IAC Certified Masteries Coach (CMC)

  • ICF Certified Professional Coach (ACC)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Rational Emotive Behavioral (REBT) Coach

  • M.A in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

  • Certificate of Professional Achievement in Business, Columbia University

  • Bachelors in Biology from the American University of Beirut​

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