Online Self-paced program:

Better, For My Child


A journey to nurturing you and your child's mental well-being happiness and fulfilment


Online Self-Paced Program:


Are you a parent-to-be or a new parent and feel unprepared or unsure about how you can best nurture your child's sense of resilience, happiness and fulfillment? Do you also feel overwhelmed and unable to meet your own needs and nurture your own well-being?


Today, It is estimated that 1 in 4 individuals will be affected by a mental health problem in their lives. And at the root of that is often times unfortunately a child that did not develop the internal resources they needed to not only successfully cope with difficult life experiences but to also be able to thrive in their lives.


By equipping parents, you, with the research -backed understanding and tools in order for you to be able to provide a nurturing early environment to your child that will support them in building this solid internal foundation, you will be contributing to your child's resilience and fulfillment, but also to all the different areas of their lives, including how healthy the relationships they form will be, their academic and future professional success, their physical health, and much more.

But it would be practically impossible to put these insights into practice if you yourself are struggling to meet your own needs or are feeling overwhelmed. That's why this self-paced program is also a journey of your personal transformation. We will be taking an honest and vulnerable look at yourself, so that you can truly show up the way you want to show up, for yourself and for your child. 

As a Mental Wellbeing Coach & Trainer, my goal is to help contribute to a new generation of children that feel much more empowered and fulfilled in their lives. 

And that starts with You, parents!