Find your Career Path/Element

Are you a recent graduate and are wondering which career path is right for you?

Or do you already have a job but are not satisfied and are looking for clarity on the best next step for you?


In a US study, it was found that more than half of US employees are unhappy in their jobs. Given that the average person works 9000 hours during their lifetime, that’s an incredibly large chunk of your life.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Many of us hold on to the belief that one cannot find a job they love and live the life they want for themselves at the same time. That’s just a limiting belief we internalized that prevents us from finding our “element”, a career path that excites us, provides us with what we value, and allows us to thrive outside of work.


The truth is, each one of us has unique talents and unique interests. Most of us are not conscious of what these are because of the way we were brought up (school, family dynamics, societal pressures), which led us to lose touch with our aspirations and the environments we feel best in. 


In order to find your path/element, I will be working on helping you let go of all the unconscious beliefs you have developed about yourself and the world around you and about what you can and cannot achieve; and helping you clearly see the overlap between your talents, passions and lifestyle you need to flourish, and feel empowered to go after it.


It’s an exciting journey towards fulfillment that I cannot wait to start with you!