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Legal Statement

Information regarding the owner of the Website

Nour Azhari (hereinafter referred to as "NOUR AZHARI"), with address at Ronda Sant Pere, 52, 08010, Barcelona; provided with NIE: Y8632236M, is the owner of the website: (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). If the user wishes to contact NOUR AZHARI, he/she has several ways at his/her disposal:

   (i)    By e-mail to:

   (ii)   Online application form located on the Website. 



These General Conditions of Use regulate the access to the services offered by NOUR AZHARI through the Website, as well as their use by the User. However, some services or content offered on the Website are or may be subject to "Particular Conditions of Use", which may add or replace these current Conditions regarding the use of the specific service to which they refer. Prior a subscription of a service, the User may have access to negotiate specific conditions if he/she deems appropriate, and in terms of reaching a Coaching Agreement. 

Hereinafter, the Legal Statement will be named as the “Conditions”, the “General Conditions of Use” and/or the “Legal Statement”. 

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Use

Access to the General Conditions of Use is free of charge and automatically attributes the condition of "User", implying full acceptance of these current Conditions. Access to the Website by individuals who has not the legal age, is not prohibited, but they must have the prior and express authorisation of the paternal authority, guardianship, or legal representation in case they would like to subscribe our services, who will be held responsible for the acts carried out by the minors in their care access to and browsing through the Website does not require registration.

These Conditions, as well as any amendments or other legal notices, will be available on the Website and will be deemed to be in effect from the time they are published on the Website. PLEASE READ THESE CONDITIONS CAREFULLY, AS THE FACT OF ACCESSING AND/OR USING THE SERVICES OF THE WEBSITE MEANS THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTS, WITHOUT RESERVATION, THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE. Therefore, if you do not agree with the terms detailed in this Legal Statement, please do not use the Website, as any use you make of it or of the services and contents included in it will imply your acceptance of the legal terms contained in this text.

With the purpose to maintain updated this Legal Statement, the contents of this last one shall be modified, corrected, erasure, deleted or added to at any time, so it would be convenient to check-out the true or accuracy of the information by consulting official sources. The User will be able to find out when the latest modifications have come into force, as the date of the last update and the date of entry into force of the version will be inserted at the bottom of these General Conditions of Use.

NOUR AZHARI reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the way to show and proceed with settings on the Website as well as to update, modify or delete the information contained on it, and also the services offered, and the conditions required to access or use the Website and its services. The use or the access to the Website or the services offered on it, will imply acceptance of the new modified Conditions from the moment they are duly published.

Likewise, NOUR AZHARI shall have the right to suspend or modify all or part of the Website, its contents, services, or functionalities, as well as to charge, modify or waive the rights that have to be paid. Any new Policy will automatically be effective when it is published on the Website, so you should therefore return here regularly to view our most up to date Policy. Any amendment to this Legal Statement does not be notified in any case. 

Terms of use of content

NOUR AZHARI has information within the Website relating to its services, the functionality of its applications, as well as various Customer Service channels for these ones. 

The links contained in this Website to have access to other websites are included because they are considered to be of interest to the User, without this implying the existence of any relationship, promotion or professional relation between NOUR AZHARI and the owners of these referred third websites. NOUR AZHARI has no control over these third websites, and is therefore not responsible for the content, the services offered or the state of these websites (e.g., services provided by “Zoom Video Communications, Inc.” and/or “Google Ireland Limited”). On that basis, it is KNOWN that the Services that could be provided by NOUR AZHARI through this third sites, it would be a decision of the User, at any time. 

NOUR AZHARI provides the User, through different tools and applications, with links that allow Users to access to the channels and pages of the Website that NOUR AZHARI maintains on different platforms and social networks belonging to and/or managed by third parties (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,  Teachable, Typeform, Youtube, Gmail, in our case; please for more information do not hesitate to link our section of “destinataries” on our Privacy Policy). The inclusion of these links on the Website is for the sole purpose of providing Users with access to these channels on the different platforms and social networks.

The establishment of these applications does not imply the existence of any relationship between NOUR AZHARI and the owner, manufacturer or distributor of the linked platform, nor the acceptance and approval by NOUR AZHARI of its contents and/or services, the owner, manufacturer or distributor being solely responsible for them.

The activation and use of these applications may entail the identification and authentication of the User (user/password) on the corresponding platforms, completely external to the Website and outside the control of NOUR AZHARI. When having access to these external networks, the User enters to an environment that is not controlled by NOUR AZHARI, so, on that basis NOUR AZHARI will not assume any responsibility for the security configuration of these environments.

NOUR AZHARI has no control over the content hosted on these  referred channels, so the User acknowledges and accepts that NOUR AZHARI assumes no responsibility for the content or services that the User may access on these third pages, nor for any content, products, services, advertising or any other material available on them. For this reason, the User must exercise extreme caution in the evaluation and use of the information, contents and services existing on the linked channels, and on the information of their own or of third parties that they wish to share on these channels.

NOUR AZHARI has neither the power nor the human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites that have established links to our Website. NOUR AZHARI does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect relating to the website that establishes this link to our Website, specifically, including but not limited to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.

Terms of use IN OUR WEBSITE

The User undertakes, at any time, to use the Website in accordance with these General Conditions of Use and current regulations. But without limitation, the User shall not in relation to or within the Website and/or the services included therein:

  1. Register or communicate information or data that is not true, accurate, complete and/or up to date.

  2. Access to the services or the Website, other systems or networks connected to the Website, using the name, identification data or password of another User or impersonate any person or identity. Use the Service for other use than personal and private use.

  3. Alter, modify, misrepresent or in any other way use incorrectly or contrary to these Conditions the information, evaluations or observations provided by NOUR AZHARI.

  4. Defame, abuse, annoy, harass, threaten or violate in any other way any right of other Users or any other person. Use the Service to communicate any information or content that is contrary to the rights of other people, such as, for example, those of a denigratory, defamatory, aggressive, obscene, sexually explicit, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, racist or xenophobic nature, or in general of an illegal nature.

  5. Infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of NOUR AZHARI, of the manufacturers included on the Website or of any third party, including any patent, trademark, commercial names, publicity rights or similar. In the event of providing any User Content that could enjoy such protection, the User must have all the corresponding rights for its use in accordance with the Service.

  6. Not comply with the rights related to personal data, privacy or image protection of any individual and/or the reputation of any third party through the Service. 

  7. Restrict or prevent any other User from using and enjoying the Service.

  8. Send or disseminate information, codes or contents that may reduce, damage, disrupt or prevent the normal use of the Website by any User, and/or that may damage or loss the equipment or property of NOUR AZHARI or other Users, including, without limitation, malicious applications, viruses, logic bombs, sending of unapplied messages (SPAM), etc. NOUR AZHARI reserves the right to delete messages sent by a User, in order to maintain a good quality of use of the Service.

  9. Use the Website to collect personal data from other users.

  10. Sending applied or non-applied commercial communications, or any other type of advertising not authorised by NOUR AZHARI by any means (including, without limitation, by e-mail, SMS or any other means of communication), or to third parties or to any other User of the Service.

Failure by the User to comply with any of the aforementioned obligations may lead to NOUR AZHARI adopting the appropriate measures protected by law.

In the event of any information or content on the Website that may or may not be appropriate, contrary to current regulations, or contrary to the Conditions set out on the Website, please inform NOUR AZHARI immediately through the different channels made available for this purpose.


Whoever uses this Website does so at their own risk. The User is aware and voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use of the Website is carried out in all cases under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility. NOUR AZHARI does not guarantee that the Website will be uninterrupted, without delays, without errors, without omissions or free of viruses. Consequently, the Website and its contents are provided "AS IS" without guarantees of any kind, express or implicit, it being clear that neither NOUR AZHARI nor its partners, collaborators, employees or representatives will be responsible for any error or omission in the contents or services or for any damage as a result of the use of this Website, nor for any action carried out on the basis of the information provided therein.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, NOUR AZHARI accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage (including without limitation any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of business, data (including that of the Profile User), agreements or profits, loss or damage in connection with computer programs or equipment) which may arise from accessing or using or the inability to access or use the Website or any part of it, whatever the cause, including but not limited to the absence of content that take into account the User's needs, the publication of the User's content on the Website (always in accordance with the current Conditions), the inaccuracy or incorrectness of the information/activities contained in the service or supplied by its Users, the damage that may be caused by the information offered by other Users of the Service, among others. NOUR AZHARI will not be responsible for any possible damage caused to the image, position or reputation of the User. 

NOUR AZHARI does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause damage or alterations in the computer system, and consequently is not responsible for the damages that such elements could cause.

Nevertheless, NOUR AZHARI declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and with due diligence, to guarantee the functioning of the Website and to reduce system errors to a minimum, both from a technical and legal and organisational point of view.

On the other hand, NOUR AZHARI manage the Website and offers Content (understood as indicated on Intellectual Property Right, on next section) related with personal healthcare and recommended by experts and professionals of each expertise, duly selected. The referred Content (such as, among others, videos, images, interviews, opinions, texts, products, information, etc.) is not a medical diagnostic nor medical treatment by medical professionals at itself, so this Content could be understood as complementary to medical advice, so the User is responsible to share the advice of this Content with medical professionals, and more concretely, those medical professionals who are assessing on a particular medical diagnostic or treatment.  


According to that, the Content do not replace the diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or medical or mental health guideline that may be provided by a physician, clinical psychologist or medical professionals after an individualized medical evaluation on a case-by-case basis. 

Moreover, the provided Content by NOUR AZHARI is for coaching purposes only. On that sense, NOUR AZHARI informs that Clients and Users with a medical condition or illness (among others, such as, mental illness) who will have access to any Content on the Website or even provided by external or third platforms used by NOUR AZHARI, must follow the advice given by a physician or medical professionals. NOUR AZHARI expressly informs that any provided Content does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship and NOUR AZHARI won’t be responsible for any physical, moral or any other type of damage that may be suffered by any person (i. e.: Clients and Users) because of the use of the Content.


NOUR AZHARI is the author and owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights in and to the materials and all those works, designs, prototypes, inventions, distinctive signs, know-how and/or ideas contained therein (“Content”) over the Website, including the domain name and all content available through it, that means, inter alia, copyright and related rights, sui generis rights on databases and/or any other right recognized by any laws on intellectual or industrial property or other rights to intangible assets rights. It shall not be understood that the mere access or browsing of the User through the Website implies any kind of transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such rights by NOUR AZHARI for the User, nor that the User is authorized to use or exploit such rights publicly. 

It is strictly forbidden to remove or manipulate the copyright notice and any other identifying data or recognition of exclusive ownership of the rights of NOUR AZHARI, in relation to the Website or the protected Content found therein. Also, it is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, reuse, extract, send by mail, modify or in any way publicly use all or part of the contents included on the Website. 

So, any use or exploitation of the materials or any of its Content will require the prior written authorization of Nour Azhari. According to that, when accessing or using the Website, if the User sends or transmits to NOUR AZHARI, any type of Content protected by an intellectual or industrial property right, the User agrees to previously acquire all and any authorizations, licenses or rights of use that are necessary to ensure NOUR AZHARI a peaceful use of such content. 


For the purposes of the provisions of current regulations on data protection, among others could be in force, NOUR AZHARI informs its Users and any third party from whom it processes personal data about its Privacy Policy, which is available on the Website, in the following link "Privacy Policy".

Likewise, the Website uses cookies, and therefore the characteristics of the same are explained in the aforementioned "Cookies Policy".

Suspension of the Website

NOUR AZHARI reserves the right to suspend, modify, restrict or interrupt, either temporarily or permanently, access, browsing, use, hosting and/or downloading of the content and/or use of the Website's services, with or without prior notification, without the User being able to claim any compensation for this reason.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

These General Conditions of Use shall be regulated by Spanish law and the jurisdiction in charge to settle any conflict in relation to that shall be the courts of the city of Barcelona.

The previous paragraph will not be applicable if the Client is in a third country outside the European Economic Area, and for these referred clients will be applicable the law and jurisdiction where is their residency. 


The short-term-period of these General Conditions Use will be in force, therefore coincides with the period they are displayed, until they are totally or partially modified, at which moment, the modified General Conditions of Use will come into force.

In the event that any provision of these General Conditions of Use is declared null and void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or public authority in charge, such nullity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining clauses of these General Conditions Use.

The non-exercise or non-execution by NOUR AZHARI of any right or provision contained in these General Conditions of Use shall not constitute a waiver of the same, unless recognised and agreed in writing by NOUR AZHARI.

Contact notifications

Should any User have any questions about these General Conditions of Use, or any comments about the Website, please contact:

Latest version: These Conditions are in force as of 29-01-2022.

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