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Are you committed to building the resilience & well-being of children at your school or college? It all starts with you.

Mental fitness is about using our minds to our benefit: to nurture our well-being. This is in contrast to what often happens, whereby we allow our minds to sabotage us. We allow negative patterns of thinking to run the show and hold us back in all areas of our lives: The quality of our relationships, performance and overall well being.

To prepare children for the future, to help them cultivate a sense of resilience and well-being, they need to build mental fitness. 


What is the most sustainable way to do that? 

By helping childrens’ role models: teachers & educators develop mental fitness!


The importance of nurturing children's well-being has become more evident in recent years, especially in light of COVID and its aftermath and the various societal and environmental problems we face today.


This awareness has reached many schools. If you are an educator, there's a big chance that you or other administrators in your institution have discussed incorporating or already have incorporated social and emotional learning programs to support children.


Although this is a great step, merely implementing these kinds of programs without supporting teachers, the adult role models showing up in front of children every day is a waste of time and effort.


For example, how can we expect to truly help children develop a growth mindset and respond to situations in a more positive and intentional way if teachers aren't given the opportunity to develop the skills to do so? If teachers are showing up frustrated in the classroom and often act out impulsively when a child upsets them? If teachers are being hijacked by their internal saboteurs?

Let's help teachers & educators develop these essential mental fitness skills that will allow them to intercept their saboteurs and to thrive in their lives. By modeling this kind of empowering behavior, we are enabling the next generation of children to flourish and thrive.


If you'd like to host a workshop or training in your school to help teachers develop mental fitness, please contact me.


Book a call with me to discuss your needs and wants for your institution:

I am open to designing a workshop/training that suits your specific needs. 


For example, we can start with an engaging 1-3 hour workshop, where teachers/educators will learn the foundation of mental fitness and be equipped with some evidence-based tools to shift from self-sabotage to a mentally fit mindset.


If you see the value of such a training, after the workshop, we can then start an immersive program of 6-8 weeks to help your educators develop the skills to build mental fitness.


It all starts with you! Contact me today so we can discuss your unique situation and needs

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