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Science & Inner work to show up as a conscious and positive role model for your child

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For parents of children between 4 and 12 years old

An online self-paced program focused on the long term relationship with your child, rather

this course Enables you to nurture your child’s




while improving your relationship with yourself and with your child. 

   GET 30% OFF   

  97$ instead of 140$ 

If you're done ...

Wondering why your child has emotional outbursts and how to respond in a healthy way


Listening to that critical inner voice judging you for any mistake you make and telling you that you're not a good parent

Wondering how you can help your child gain more confidence in themselves

Having your insecurities and self-sabotaging patterns get in the way and not knowing how to break the cycle

Wondering how you can help your child develop healthy ways of managing their feelings 

Feeling clueless about how to help your child build a resilient sense of self so that they don't have to struggle like you did

Losing it on your child.png

Unintentionally losing it on your child when you're stressed or frustrated and feel guilty about it​


Getting drawn into conflicts and not knowing how to resolve them in a healthy way

​Then it's time for the Better For My Child online course

Do you struggle with any of these?

Your child has low self-esteem or confidence

Do you feel helpless when you see that your child lacks confidence despite your trying your best to promote their self-confidence? You may have asked around for advice or followed some parenting professionals, but nothing seems to really work.

Losing it when you’re stressed

Do you struggle to process or express your emotions in a healthy way, especially when you're frustrated or stressed? Do you end up beating yourself up but you don't have the knowledge or tools to make the change?

Family conflicts

Do you often have draining conflicts with your child, partner or other family members, you want it to stop but you don’t really know how to best handle these situations, how to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships?


The way your child deals with their feelings 

Does your child struggle to express their feelings in a healthy way? They either act out their feelings impulsively or keep them in. You want to help them find positive ways of coping with their feelings, but you're not sure what is in your power. ​​

Your deep-rooted insecurities and patterns coming in the way

Do you notice that some of the insecurities and self-sabotaging habits you’ve had for a long time are coming up in how you act as a parent? You’re trying to work on it, but it feels overwhelming and you don't know how to break free from these habits. 

Your child has trouble overcoming setbacks and challenges  

Do you notice that it’s difficult for your child to overcome challenges and setbacks they face ? You want to help them develop mental resilience because you know how lacking in resilience has made you really struggle in life, but you don't know to best help them.  

You’re not showing up as positively as you’d like

Does a part of you feels like you aren't modeling positive behaviors and ways of being to your child? Maybe how you deal with your feelings or how you relate to yourself and others. You feel guilty about it but don't really know how to shift to being a more conscious role model.

Parenting information overload and paralysis

Do you follow parenting coaches that have different opinions about parenting, and you aren’t sure which to trust? You don’t know which ones are reliable sources of information that are based on the science of the child development and the child-parent relationship.

​Our program provides you with the education and science-based tools you need to address each of these challenges and thrive as a parent and a family

​If you don't take action now to show up as a conscious role model:

Your child may develop a negative and fragile sense of self.


          They may learn to believe that they are not good enough.

                  That they are not lovable enough.

                   That they need to change who they are for people to accept them.

               That they shouldn't trust others.

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                      Your child may develop unhealthy ways of dealing with their feelings.                                  


                           They may learn to act out, not knowing how to best cope with their big feelings.                                         .


                                  They may even develop anger issues and end up often getting into conflicts                                             

                                   with loved ones.                                                                                                                                                       


                                 Or they may develop an opposite but equally harmful tendency;                                       

                                  They may learn to keep their feelings in.                                          



Your child may struggle to have positive & healthy relationships with you, your partner and their siblings.

They may also have trouble in their relationships with friends and eventually their romantic partners.

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If you don't take action now, your child may struggle to cope with life's inevitable challenges now and in the long-run


  They may end up often overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear,       

      anger, unfulfillment, emotional numbness etc.

         They may struggle to be themselves and find meaning and purpose

              And they may at some point develop mental health issues like

         depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other

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And what about you?

What happens if you don't take action now?

                                                 You'll keep falling into the self-sabotaging patterns you've developed in relation to your

                                                      childhood and adolescence.


                                                          Keep on repeating habits you've been repeating all your life. 

                                               Habits that have been harming your relationship with yourself and

                                               with others.

                                        Your mental health may struggle as a result.  

And your relationship with your child will likely really suffer from this, now and in the long-term,

And what about you.png

Now imagine how things will be if you do take action now:

I have the peace of mind that I’m having a positive influence on my child's life

That I am nurturing their confidence, resilience & wellbeing

I’m able to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way & reconnect with my child after arguments

Visuels BFMC.png

Despite the challenges of parenting, I feel grounded, happy and fulfilled in my life


My child has the mental resilience to overcome challenges in their lives with confidence and a positive mindset

My child is able to form healthy and fulfilling relationships with peers and romantic partners as they grow older

My child knows what matters to them & has the confidence to pursue their dreams and succeed

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'Every child is different but our underlying core needs and processes are the same.

Applying this research can be life-changing for you, your child and your relationship'

This online course will allow you to:

Empower your child to feel confident in themsleves and their abilities

Respond in a conscious way to your child's acting out behavior by understanding the root of challenging behaviors

Learn to resolve conflicts in a way that strengthens your relationships with your children, family members and other loved ones.

Empower your child to be resilient to life’s challenges and setbacks

Learn what your child needs to be emotionally well now and in the future & how you can foster their positive development.

Identify and overcome long-standing habits & patterns you've developed up when you were younger that harm your relationship with yourself and others.

Help your child feel unconditionally loved for who they are and wanting to lead a life that is meaningful to them.

Learn what has been holding you back from experiencing a sense of fulfillment in your life and make the necessary changes to thrive

Develop positive and empowering ways of dealing with your emotions

Your child may develop self-destructive coping mechanism, struggle in relationships and career as children and adults, and become overwhelmed by mental and emotional issues as they navigate life’s challenges with a fragile foundation.

If you don't take action now...

About me:

Hello! I'm Nour Azhari, I’m a certified Identity, Resilience & Wellbeing coach with an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University.

I help parents of children aged 4-18+ develop science-based skills to show up as positive and conscious role models to their children. Through 1:1 and group coaching, as well as self-paced trainings, I empower clients to confidently resolve conflicts, manage stress and transform their family dynamics to deepen their connection with their children and promote their children's resilience & emotional wellbeing. 

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What's included in the program

What you get

  97$ instead of 140$ 

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  97$ instead of 140$ 

Course Outline

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

The essential foundation​

Nurturing your child's emotional needs


Nurturing your child's ability to cope with their feelings in a healthy way

Guided step-by-step process for specific challenges

Maintaining the new habits

Parent Testimonials

Kristen rated that this course made her less anxious and more confident in supporting the resilience and wellbeing of her child. It also helped her develop a solid understanding of what her child needs to thrive

                                             'The real part that hit me was when you talked about how the child is usually                                                                  not becoming angry ‘at you’ that’s not why they’re really acting out, but instead                                                               finding out the deeper reason. ‘

                                                         ‘I learned how people express emotions, the controlled way of being

                                                        compared to the people that just let it out. That helped me identify the type of

                                                      person I am. I now know myself better and how I react.


  Because children pick up on how you deal with your emotions’

Capture d’écran 2023-05-31 à 12.56.52.png

— Kristen, Mother

Expert Testimonials

"Nour helps you navigate the challenging territory of parenting by offering strategies and solutions for improving your child's happiness and resilience, your relationship with your child, as well as your relationship with yourself.


Her work is research-based, clear, and delivered with heart."

— Tiffany Purn, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator

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