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This Privacy Policy sets out the personal data processing activities carried out by Nour Azhari, whose identification data is indicated below (hereinafter, “NOUR AZHARI”), through its website (hereinafter “Website”).

Data Controller

Nour Azhari


Ronda Sant Pere, 52, 08010, Barcelona.


+34 645 677 651


NIE (in force)


This Privacy Policy is subject to the General Conditions of Use that rules the Website and the user of the Website (hereinafter, the “User”) must accepts this Privacy Policy in order to use any service offered through the Website (the “Services”), or to provide any data through the Website. These General Conditions of Use are accessible here

In relation to the processing of personal data through the Website, NOUR AZHARI informs the User of the following: 


All the data provided by the User, in terms of registering or using some of the Services and/or entering personal data in any of the sections of the Website, are included in a database managed by NOUR AZHARI within the scope of the provision of its Services and/or management of the Website.

In this section, we sump up the basic information about our Privacy Policy. In the following section, you will find more detailed information and, in case you have any queries, you can contact us:


Nour Azhari


1.  To manage the contracting of the Services and/or to deal with your requests, queries, or technical support issues that you have raised in relation to the Services. Keeping clients’ records during the coaching performance. 

2.  Commercial and/or promotional advertisement related to the subscribed Services. 

3.  Commercial advertisement and sending information related to new services, and news about coaching. 

4.  Managing personnel selection processes.

5.  Giving testimonials concerning to the provided services. 

6.  Keeping clients’ records after the coaching performance.
7.  To comply with legally established obligations, as well as to verify compliance with contractual obligations. 


1.  The execution of the Coaching Agreement for the provision of the Services. 

2.  The execution of the Coaching Agreement in accordance with the regulations in force, but in case it would be indicated or restricted. 

3.  Because of the given consent by the subject, but in case he/she opposes or revokes his/her consent.

4.  You may withdraw your consent at any time, although this will mean that your application will not be considered in our recruitment processes. Unless otherwise indicated, the provision of the required data is necessary, so that failure to provide it will prevent continuity in the selection process. 

5.  Because of the given consent by the subject, but in case he/she opposes or revokes his/her consent.

6.  Because of the given consent by the subject, but in case he/she opposes or revokes his/her consent.

7.  Legal obligation applicable to the data controller.


There are no different recipients, but a legal in force to do so. 


Our Users can access, rectify, erasure, restrict or revoke their consent to the processing of their data, as well as other legally recognised rights. The procedure and requirements are detailed in the additional information. The User has the right to start a complaint with the supervisory authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency).


The data will be kept for the period of provision of Services to our Users and the period required by current legislation, or in case you would give your consent to keep a record of your sessions as provided by the “Coaching Ethical Guidelines” or, in the event that you have requested to receive information, until you unsubscribe from said means of communication.


What personal data do we collect?

The data collected by NOUR AZHARI through the Website is processed for the sole purpose of managing the Services requested by the User or to deal with the requests, queries or questions that the User has raised through the Website or by any other way provided.

On that basis, NOUR AZHARI collects and processes the following categories of data from the User:

  • Identification data: name/s and surname/s; address; Identification tax number (NIF/DNI/NIE), e-mail and/or telephone number.
  • Economic, financial, or banking data, if applicable (such us, billing information, in particular).
  • Academic and professional data: training/qualifications, student record, professional experience, membership of professional associations, among others, if applicable.
  • Giving testimonials concerning to the provided services, which will be send by the client to NOUR AZHARI, and we will have the consent to post it on the Website.
  • Keeping clients’ records after the coaching performance, which will be taking into account the prior consent of each client, by check-in the box in the Coaching Agreement.

How are personal data used?

The User's personal data is used for the following purposes:

  1. In general, the User's data will be used to manage, control, expand and improve the Services, deal with your requests, queries or questions of a commercial and/or technical matter that you have raised about the Services provided, give you access to the sections of the provision of the Services that requires identification (e.g., invitation to a coaching session), and provide other Services and functionalities of the Website offered at any given time. This processing has its legal basis in the execution of the Coaching Agreement for the provision of the Services.
  2. To communicate to the User, by e-mail or other digital ways, information related to the subscribed services, news and value-added improvements, as well as related activities and training. This processing is carried out by virtue of the execution of the Coaching Agreement in accordance with the regulations in force, but in case it would be indicated or restricted.
  3. To communicate to the User, by e-mail, or other digital ways, information about products and services, coaching news, as well as activities and events related to NOUR AZHARI and other commercial information that NOUR AZHARI may consider appropriate. This processing is based on the consent of the User to receive this information.
  4. To apply to a job position in NOUR AZHARI, when you send us your application to participate in a job application process. This processing is based on the consent of the User and on a legitimate interest of NOUR AZHARI and the User, as indicated in the information about privacy, that the User must accept before sending his/her application.
  5. To post clients’ testimonials or any relevant experience with the aim to show the day-to-day activity of NOUR AZHARI.
  6. As a recommendation of the “International Coaching Federation”, we process all clients’ records during the coaching performance and because of the Coaching Agreement, but in order to maintain this record at the end of our contractual relationship, we need subjects’ consent.
  7. *To detect, investigate and prevent activity, we think may be potentially illegal, unlawful or harmful and to enforce our Privacy Policy or any other purpose referenced herein or therein.

If NOUR AZHARI requires a further processing of the User's personal data for another purpose than those set out in this Privacy Policy, NOUR AZHARI will inform the Clients about it, and including all the information that is legally required, as well as the purposes foreseen for said processing.

Obligation to provide true answers and veracity of information.

The User guarantees that the data provided is true, accurate, complete, and up to date, and shall be liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss that may be caused because of non-compliance with this obligation.

The communication to NOUR AZHARI of data relating to third parties is prohibited unless the User has the corresponding authorisations. The User guarantees that he/she has obtained the consent of said persons for the communication to NOUR AZHARI, previously informing them of the terms included in the NOUR AZHARI’s Privacy Policy, not being able to validate the referred matter in advance. For this reason, the responsibility for any infringement of the rights of third parties due to the information exchanged via the Website will be exclusively of the User.

Notwithstanding the above, NOUR AZHARI may carry out the appropriate verifications to ascertain this fact, adopting the corresponding due diligence measures, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Who can process my data?

Only the authorised NOUR AZHARI’s personnel may process the User's personal data for the purposes described above. However, the personal data processed by our data base may be accessed, processed, supervised, or reviewed in the event of a potential breach of the General Conditions of Use, that regulate the Website, as well as the Services, or to comply with legal requirements of NOUR AZHARI, jurisdictional authorities or other public authorities that may be in charge.

Who receives my data?

NOUR AZHARI will not disclose to third parties the personal data that the User provides by any way, but when it is necessary for the provision of its Services, or in those cases in which the disclosure is required by the regulations in force, by jurisdictional authorities, or by a governmental, judicial or other authority in charge.

How long do we keep our users' data?

The data processed by NOUR AZHARI is carried out, exclusively, for the period of time it would be necessary to manage and/or to provide the Services, attending at any time to the User's requests (i.e. by giving the consent authorising NOUR AZHARI Keeping clients’ records after the coaching performance) or, in the event that he/she has requested to receive information, until he/she unsubscribes from said means of communication. Subsequently, if necessary, it will keep the information blocked according to legal terms.

In the case of the data that you provide for a job application, in which you wish to subscribe, in that particular case, it will be kept for the duration of the corresponding application process.

What are the rights of Users when they provide us with their data?

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, restriction of processing, erasure, the right “to be forgotten” and opposition, in addition to the right to withdraw consent or, if applicable, portability, by writing to: NOUR AZHARI - Ronda de Sant Pere, 52, 08010, Barcelona; or via our email indicating "RIGHTS" in the subject line and providing the necessary documents to be sure about your personal identification.

The User may also file, if appropriate, a complaint with the competent supervisory authority for data protection in Spain /

What security measures apply to the processing?

NOUR AZHARI guarantees the secrecy of communications and personal data, and to this end adopts all the technical, organisational and security measures that deems necessary to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the systems, as well as to restore their availability and access to personal data, quickly, in the event of a physical or technical trouble ticket, in accordance with current regulation and taking into account the meaning, context, purposes of the processing, etc.; to keep such data duly protected and to use them only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, taking into account the state of technology, the meaning of the data and the risks to which they are exposed. All the above, in compliance with the legal requirements that may be made to NOUR AZHARI in each particular case.

In the event of security or integrity trouble tickets or threats and vulnerability, NOUR AZHARI may temporarily or definitively disable, in whole or in part, the Services and/or the Website, block the access to Users to the Website, and notify the competent authorities, by preventing, avoiding or reducing the consequences of said trouble ticket. However, NOUR AZHARI shall not be held liable in the event of unauthorised access to or loss of personal data beyond its control.

In those cases, in which NOUR AZHARI has service providers for the maintenance or management of the Services and/or the Website that are outside the European Union, these international transfers comply with the provisions of the GDPR in accordance with NOUR AZHARI's commitment to the protection, integrity and security of Users' personal data.


The Website may contain links to other websites and/or forms or services operated by third parties. This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices and policies of these other third providers in relation to such websites or services. NOUR AZHARI does not control such third providers websites and/or forms or services. The User should consult and review the privacy policies of such websites and/or services before clicking on or using them. On that mean, it is agreed that in case the User use these websites and/or services owned by the referred third providers, on that particular cases, the User will use these ones by his/her own liability and by his/her own consent.

In the event that the Website offers options to disclose information through social media plugins (such as those offered by LinkedIn, in our particular case). Social media plugins and applications are operated by the social network itself and are subject to their own general terms and conditions of use, privacy and cookie policies; as well as other conditions, such as general terms and conditions of contract, if applicable. 


NOUR AZHARI reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy, notifying the User of said modifications through the same Website. NOUR AZHARI will publish any modification on its Website and notes the User to regularly review our updated Privacy Policy. If NOUR AZHARI informs or applies specific privacy conditions to specific content, such us services, these shall prevail in the event of conflict between them and this Privacy Policy.

In the event that any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, or any part thereof, is declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable by a public authority in charge or judicial authority, it shall be deemed not to have been applied, without affecting the other provisions.

In accordance with the provisions set out above, the User hereby authorises NOUR AZHARI to process his/her personal data and expressly consents to the processing thereof for the purposes indicated.

Last update: The current Privacy Policy is in force since on date 25-07-2021.